• Software development company

    Application software development company. Have been providing Business Information Systems to Australian industry since 1979. We create unique software solutions to enhance our client's competitive advantage.

  • Call centre and Business application development

    Call centre and business applications.  By enabling staff to gain quick and accurate access to client information, business efficiency and client satisfaction is increased.

  • Mobile and Fleet embedded applications development

    Mobile and fleet embedded applications.  Both in-vehicle systems and control centre tracking systems.  Interface to onboard and external devices.

  • Advanced real-time technical software development

    Advanced communication and technical applications.  Mintec is a specialist in low level communication protocols and secure transmission applications.  Many years of experience in real time systems.

  • Fleet scheduling and resource booking systems.

    Fleet scheduling and transport booking systems.  A perennial issue of ensuring that the right resources are available at the right time at the right place.  Large improvements in efficiency for all businesses.

  • Mobile app development

    Mobile business systems and application development.  Mintec can provide systems to deliver your information to any devlice or platform that you want.  Consistancy and protection of important data protected.


  • Web based application development

    Web based systems providing secure access to business information globally and to a range of users and roles.  Ability to take every aspect of your business to the world.


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