All four executive directors at Mintec have a technical background in IT, working as developers, analysts and project managers for more than twenty years. As the Mintec directors all maintain a hands-on role within each project, Mintec benefits directly from their experience and expertise.

Mike Pratt, DirectorMike Pratt, Managing Director

Mike Pratt has strong links to the transport and communication industries, where he has managed numerous development projects. In addition to his Business management role, Mike also oversees marketing and business development within the company.


Peter Woodruff, DirectorPeter Woodruff, Director

Peter Woodruff's background is in the aeronautical, defence and communication industries. With experience in project management and development, Peter has extensive knowledge of these key industries and has worked in various locations throughout the world. Peter's primary responsibility is maintaining the longstanding relationship between Mintec and Thales Australia.


Craig Kennewell, Director Craig Kennewell, Director

Craig Kennewell brings to Mintec development experience from Document Image Processing through to Air Traffic Control systems and handheld PDA applications. Craig is responsible for the technical direction of the development group and has a strong interest in software design, software processes and resource management.


Peter Clark, Managing DirectorPeter Clark, Founding Director

Peter Clark is the founding director of Mintec Systems. He has key expertise in project management, system scoping and design, analysis and Customer Relationship Management. As director, Peter also has key roles in financial and business planning.

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