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How the mobile workforce could be damaging your business

Learn how to avoid the risks of poor visibility in your workplace

According to a recent Cisco study on the global workplace, 3 out of 5 workers say they no longer need to be in the office to be productive. Clearly, times are changing and as people get more accustomed to mobile work environments, managers are facing problems they’ve never seen before.


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4 signs your business is at threat of a system meltdown

Can you trust all the information circulating your business system?

Often we’re tempted to take information on the cloud as the truth, but is this always the case? In business, many sources of information are collected and presented to users – and often this data is used to make critical decision. The more sources of information which are funnelled into a system leads to an increase in its failure points.

Ultimately, there is a trade-off between leveraging the power of complex system to make business decisions, and obtaining visibility over the condition of each information source.

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Is a lack of centralised data impacting decision making?


We all know the feeling – a critical system that has been running for years but now needs some maintenance, maybe a new hardware device or a server room update.

Critical planning is required to minimise the downtime but...

Who knows where the machine is?

How do you restart it?

How do you know if it is working?

Who do you contact if things go wrong?

Who will be impacted by the outage?

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