How new technology can help your business generate opportunities

New technology can even make experts feel confused and incapable, and the fear of dealing with ‘new’ problems, new bugs, and data transfer, can be paralysing.

Unfortunately, this causes businesses to cling to their legacy systems because they’re uncertain of how a new system can perform, and how users will perform using it.

In this month’s blog, we go through the six steps you need to take to successfully integrate current systems with new technology.

What's the worst that could happen if I don't adapt to new technology?

It is human nature to resist change, and when it comes to software this can prove to be especially challenging.

Often, it’s hard to notice inefficiencies in systems – especially if you’re using them every day to run your business!

Not adapting new systems won’t break anything, but it won’t do your company any favours. Failure to adapt new technology often results in:

  • Your competitors overtaking you by being more efficient
  • You missing out on new opportunities to improve business operations and increase customer satisfaction

There will always be risks associated with adopting a new technology, but often the rewards in time efficiencies and overall improvements to business processes will outweigh them.

How integrating new technology to existing systems helped a client of Mintec

A large client of ours was having a problem with delays on a major transport route.

To get information regarding the delays, took days and even weeks to process. First they had to discover that there had been a delay, then the driver needed to be contacted to discover (after the fact) what the reason was - if they could remember. These ongoing delays were resulting in an escalating cost for the business.

By implementing a GPS tracking system, we ensured all transport information was readily available.

This is one of numerous examples where implementing a new technology provided immediate benefits to the organisation. The delay in obtaining information was causing havoc for business operations, and through new technology we were able to resolve this issue in a timely manner, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

How to integrate new technology with your existing systems

Below are the six steps you will need to take to successfully integrate current systems with new technology:

Following step 6, you must also consider implementing some form of support for your newly integrated system. Click here to see why support is imperative to avoiding disaster in your business.

Where do I begin to take advantage of these opportunities?

For over three decades, Mintec has helped many businesses integrate legacy systems to new technology. We take pride in getting to know your business, and then utilise our own experience to provide you with the best custom solution for your business.

Take the first step to proactively seeking new opportunities for your business by giving us a call on +61 3 9660 5500 or send us a message outlining your areas of concern in your business.

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