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Mintec Experience with Android Development

Mintec has been contracted to develop the Clever Finger application.  This system allows for the capturing of a vast array of information remotely. 


Convert any paper based form

Clever Finger converts any paper form into an Android form. Clever Finger has ready-to-use form components optimized for touch screen.

All Clever Finger forms are also logged into the company IMS Management System.


Large forms

Clever Finger is able to handle large size forms. We have clients who have converted their 20 page inspection check list into a Clever Finger Android form.

Clever Finger has 10 Free Standard forms listed below which will have your company logo and will be logged into the companies IMS Management Systems.  Standard forms are:


• Daily Pre-Start

• Safety – Environmental alert

• Issue action report register

• Issue action report

• Toolbox meeting minutes

• Daily Plant Operators safety check list

• General site induction check list

• Site induction record

• Noise level reading

• Daily Site Diary



 Real Time GPS Location

Lock your form with real time GPS location. This will confirm where the form was actually created. Makes your inspections more accountable, verifiable and enhances their integrity by eliminating tampering.

And to do all this you don’t even have to open any new application. Everything is integrated into Clever finger

 Take signature

Take signatures on the form, in any part of the form you wish. Clever Finger gives you a smooth signature pad to take anyone’s signature on the pad easily anywhere, any time.

All signatures are protected by the Clever Finger program for security

 Add Picture

No need to carry your camera with you or use your mobile to take a photo. Clever Finger is capable of taking a picture and adding it to your form exactly where you want the photo.




For more information see: Cleverfinger website

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