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At Mintec, for many years, we have been working with complex business systems and providing simplified interfaces for users, to be able to interact with them.  We have included just SOME of the examples below.  The issues that you are trying to solve will be different but there is every chance that we have dealt with something similar before.

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Hardware interfaces

Mintec has worked on many systems that involve hardware interfaces.  In this case, we integrated between a booking system and an airconditioning system resulting in significant savings.



Complex Design

This client spent three days calculating all of the angles and sizes, then checking and rechecking and finally drawing up the designs.  Mintec implemented a system to shorten the period to a handful of minutes.


Internet of Things

IOT means different things to different people.  In principal, it is the ability to interface to a large number of objects in the real world. This was one implementation that Mintec developed.




 Customer Ordering

This customer had a problem that too much time was spent on the phone with the detailed ordering by customers.  By implementing a web solution, a very large amount of time and money was saved.




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