Improve productivity 1000 fold with bespoke software

Most business leaders will happily pay for a tailored suit because it’s built to fit their size, and is often more durable and long-lasting. Yet many don’t have the same attitude towards bespoke software systems. Unfortunately many organisations are unaware or unwilling to invest in a tailored software solution for their business, and their organisation’s productivity suffers for it.

There’s a good chance you’re running your business on standard, off-the shelf software if you and your team have experienced the following problems:

  • Accessing and entering information is time-consuming
  • Multiple processes are often held up due to a lack of available information or a lack of visibility over the process
  • You need to hunt for your information across multiple systems instead of it being available at your fingertips
  • You’ve lost sales or profit in the past because your processes are too slow

Bespoke software is custom-developed and is built to meet the system requirements of your organisation, industry, and people. A tailored solution eliminates unnecessary and time-consuming tasks and introduces specialised features designed to increase business optimisation.

With the right solution in place, bespoke software can produce powerful results for your organisation.

The numbers behind why organisations invest in bespoke software

Fortunately, organisations are becoming more aware of the advantages bespoke software implementations can have on their productivity. Here’s an example:

A stock investment company was experiencing inefficiencies in the time it took to process a large number of stocks over a long period of time. After investing in a bespoke software solution, this task was reduced from two weeks to process, to overnight.

But the efficiency improvements don’t stop there.

The same company had a trading strategy which took, on average, fifteen minutes to process. In the grand scheme of things, fifteen minutes does not seem like an inefficient amount of time to complete a process. After investing in their bespoke software solution, this process that took fifteen minutes was reduced to under one second. This reduction represents a 1000-fold improvement in organisational productivity. By reducing the time it took to process this task to near instantaneous results, the company could run more efficiently than ever before. 

How can bespoke software improve your organisation?

Improved efficiency

  • Easy to use software with simple navigation for quick data collection
  • Ability to incorporate features such as big data and the cloud, allowing you to access critical information whenever you want, wherever you want


  • Features and fields are customisable, reducing back and forth communication between the user and the developer

Competitive edge

  • The ability to produce a quote within a short time frame gives you a competitive edge in the market place and allows you to close more deals, more often.


Your business shouldn’t have to compromise time, money or productivity just to work with packaged, off the shelf software programs. With a bespoke software solution, your organisation can improve productivity across all areas of the business – and processes that took hours can be completed in minutes or seconds.

At Mintec, our Melbourne-based team has been providing software engineering services for over 38 years. During this time, we’ve been responsible for designing a breadth of software solutions all with their own unique requirements, including bespoke software.

If your existing systems are impeding your business, it might be time for a tailored solution which caters to your specific needs. Get in touch with us today to find out more. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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