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Nothing can exist without change.  Any system built will need to have some care and attention from time to time.  It may be as simple as a link to a web page has changed or it could be that the interface between two systems change.


Some times the changes have limited impact.  Sometimes they are critical to the ongoing viability of an organisation.  If that happens, you need to be able to contact someone who can quickly understand the need and make changes to your systems to keep you up and running.


Mintec provides support and maintenance to all of our clients in a form that is flexible.  We ensure that there are at least a couple of developers who know your system and can implement those changes.


We provide this service at a low monthly fee.

It is important that you consider on-going support for your system.  We have a number of clients who, on support, will request quick changes to screens and reports.  The changes can be achieved under a support arrangement almost without thinking. 

If there is no support, then the delays are significant.  Suddenly there is a hurdle to make a minor change.  The improvement is not done and the business limps through.


Keeping your systems running is a critical part of today’s business world.