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Potential customers are often uncertain about what is involved in engaging with a software development company. At Mintec we aim to make it as easy as possible.


First Step
We need to understand what you are looking for. That is best achieved through a phone conversation. we can talk about what your issues are and any ideas that you have for their resolution. Some times the first discussion can be face to face, depending on the complexity.
We do not charge for these first consultations. In fact, we do not charge at all until there is a quotable piece of work.
After one or two meetings, we can give an estimate of the cost of the project. We will often quote to produce a specification. This depends on the size of the work. A small job may be quoted outright. A large project may be quoted in stages.
We continually draw the comparison between building a software system and building a house. You would not want someone to start building until you had agreed on a set of plans! It is the same with software. The specification is the set of building plans. It will show an outline of the screens and discuss the functionality of each. It is designed to be a bridge between the customer and the developers.


At the end of the specification stage, Mintec will quote to deliver the whole solution. This will be the software and whatever deployment is specified. Again depending on the size, there will be an test plan to show that the functionality has been met. Sometimes this is performed by an external organisation.


Mintec provides a standard three month warranty on all work. If during that time, the customer discovers a defect in the software, we will fix it at no cost.