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If your business is a little more unique, and all the packaged software you see doesn’t quite fit your needs, then you’re going to need custom software for your business.


By making adjustments to an existing system, Mintec can build an ideal software solution for your business. Certain businesses have specific ways of functioning, and through a tailored solution, the direct needs of the business can be met. Custom business software development can ease any system stresses and more importantly, it can help your business to excel.


If your competition is making use of standard or pre-packaged software, your own custom software can give your business a competitive advantage. Business software that is tailored to enhance your daily operations will allow you to reach higher levels of performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Generally speaking, there are two categories of software. One of them is off-the-shelf software, which is a pre-packaged “one size fits all” solution that may meet all the necessary requirements. But sometimes one size does not fit all and a tailored software solution is needed; custom software that is developed specifically for you, to deliver the highest level of functionality, usability, and performance.


Businesses will often seek the services of a custom software developer to:

  • Be more competitive
  • Improve response times and customer loyalty
  • Streamline processes, gain efficiencies and cost savings
  • Match existing ways of operation

If your business is unique, and you cannot find an ‘off the shelf’ system that fulfils your needs, custom software will solve your problem.


An off the shelf software system does not fit every business structure (like the proverbial square peg in the round hole), so it is best to find the right fit, rather than force a mismatch.


Mintec had a number of clients who came with challenging problems that were crying out for ingenious solutions. Their business models are totally unique. Bespoke software was the only option.


The examples below outline large projects that required and benefited from a total custom software solution.


But if your business only needs some minor adjustments to shape what you have into a better fit for your business, see our custom business software page for project examples like these.