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Dashboards and comprehensible reports are critical to the success of any organization and at Mintec we enable organizations to access maximum data, transpose it into valuable business information, and optimize decision-making processes. Consistent analysis of this information and building and maintaining high-level dashboards allows our clients to respond more effectively to changing conditions, streamline processes, and reduce operational expenses.


Our strategies for solutions are based on the desired business outcome independent of the technology stake. We have a rich history of supporting private, public sector enterprises, and government organizations. Time and again we have empowered organizations to extract value out of their data, and enable them to make better-informed decisions— saving money, and aiding their strategic goals and future planning.

ETL & Data warehousing
View data over time (cubes)
Legacy Reporting Services
Power BI
Excel | Pivot Tables | Power Query
MS Office Automation with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
KPI Dashboards
Data visualization

Mintec can help businesses unlock the real value of your data, improve and streamline your organization’s business decision-making process.