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With modern businesses, there are many sources of information. It is often difficult to keep all these sources up to date. Often it will happen that one part of the business will have to re-key information into another system. This is an incredible waste of time and why it is important to have good system integration.


There are many systems that are available for businesses that are low cost and extremely effective, for instance Accounting Systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems, etc. The systems provide essential services for any business but in isolation they are of limited value.


There are also other sources of information such as the Internet, web pages, twitter feeds, location information. Integrating these sources of information into the business can add significantly to the level and richness of control. Integrating into the correct part of the business is important and often challenging.


Mintec has had many years of experience integrating various systems for our customers.

Data & Database Integration
Legacy Systems Integration
Cross Platform Integration
Reports Integration
CRM Integration
Low-Level Network Integration
MS Office Automation


System integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole