.NET Development Services

Mintec has developed many systems using the full range of the Microsoft .Net suite of tools. 

These include:

     - WPF

     - MVVM

     - WCF

     - MVC

     - ASP.NET

     - C#

     - VB.NET

These systems are often paired with a SQL server database as the data store.  The example screen below is a WPF / MVVM development for Emergency services.  The datastore is actually another service which fronts a SQL database.  The service uses WCF and provides continuity of business rules for the system.

Example of .NET development

 When Mintec is developing in the languages listed above and in other langauges, Mintec combines many tools to progress the development.  For instance we will use either Visual Studio or GIT for source code control.  This ensures that where there are multiple developers on a project, the various versions of source code are kept.  This aids tracing where a development has caused a regression in the application and increases the accuracy of the development.

Another tool is Gemini.  This aids in tracking all of the steps needed for the development and implementation.  It is also very useful as a tool for building up system tests that can be run repeatedly during the development.  We also use NUnit and Cruise Control for continuous Unit Testing and Integration.

All of these tools assist in developing a rigorous application for clients that is more maintainable and manageable into the future.




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