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CCI Insurance


CCI has an unusual business in that they manage the insurance premiums for several hundred constituents. Their constituents are churches around Australia.  Each constituent may have assets worth millions of dollars.  By pooling their insurance premiums, CCI achieves significant reductions in costs.  They provide insurance for the whole business including assets, professional indemnity, public liability, etc.

What was needed

One of the problems with having so many constituents (churches) is that there is a large number of people to contact.  This contract information does change from time to time.  With a large number of constituents it means that it is changing all the time.

As well as this, the insurance premium part of the business is separate from the accounting part of the business.  So, whenever a premium has been calculated for a constituent, an invoice is needed to be raised.  That information is needed to be entered into the Accounting System.

Mintec’s Solution:

Mintec has developed a web-based situation that incorporates all of the complex business rules that CCI needs.  Assets can be maintained on a per constituent basis.  Total premiums are negotiated and then distributed amongst the states.  From there they are distributed amongst the constituents.  

CCI has implemented as a contact management system.  So names and addresses are entered into and maintained within Salesforce.  Mintec is integrating our system with Salesforce to download the contact information when appropriate.

As well Mintec is integrating with MYOB to load up any invoices when they are raised against a constituent.  

These two integration steps save the business in a number of ways in that:
-    There is no double handling of information
-    There is one source of truth

Technologies used:

CSV integration to MYOB.  Interim tables to

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