Who owns the source code in bespoke software?

What you need to know:

At the end of your development, who will own your source code? Although the application does not need the source code to run, if you wanted to make changes to the system in the future, the source code is required.

What has been created for you:

When requesting custom software development, or bespoke software, a developer will take the specification for your system and build the software using tools such as:

  • a database for storing and retrieving the information
  • A programming language.  This is the source code.  This is a significant part of the work.  The source code is “compiled” into the machine instructions that run each time the application is used or executed.
  • Third party tools.  These could be for screen controls or calendar controls, etc.

The Approach of Most Software Developers:

When working with a software developer, you need to negotiate with the development company before the development is undertaken. This negotiation is to establish who owns the source code, whether the developers will supply you with the source code, and what ownership you have over what has been created for you. Most other developers will not provide clients with the source code.

Mintec’s Approach:

Mintec is different.  Mintec believes that as you paid for the software to be built, you have a right to the source code.  Mintec has Intellectual Property rights over the code, but we also have a policy of ensuring that the code can be maintained directly by the customer. Mintec understands your needs and interests, and aims to accommodate for this. We have your best interests in mind!

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