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If your business is a little more unique, and all the packaged software you see doesn't quite fit your needs, then you're going to need custom software for your business.

By making adjustments to an existing system, Mintec can build an ideal software solution for your business. Certain businesses have specific ways of functioning, and through a tailored solution, the direct needs of the business can be met. Custom business software development can ease any system stresses and more importantly, it can help your business to excel.

If your competition is making use of standard or pre-packaged software, your own custom software can give your business a competitive advantage. Business software that is tailored to enhance your daily operations will allow you to reach higher levels of performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Custom Business Software - Previous Projects

Customised Insurance Premium Software - CCI Insurance

Background: CCI has an unusual business in that they manage the insurance premiums for several hundred constituents.  Their constituents are churches around Australia.  Each constituent may have assets worth millions of dollars.  By pooling their insurance premiums, CCI achieves significant reductions in costs.  They provide insurance for the whole business including assets, professional indemnity, public liability, etc.

What they needed: CCI needs to then distribute the premiums amongst all the constituents and manage any claims that come through.  There are state managers for each state of plus a centralised administration process.  As well as that individual constituents may want to access the system.

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Custom Call Centre Software - Insurance Line

Background: A call centre needed to cope with the recording of large volumes of information in response to TV advertising.

What they needed: The details of people calling in needed to be recorded quickly and accurately and a process put in place to ensure sales staff called the prospect back within a certain time. These procedures defined the marketing model of the company. Failure to meet these goals had serious implications for the performance of the organisation.

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