Emergency Services Custom Software

Metropolitan Fire Brigade


The control and reporting needs of emergency services incident management is unique and calls for a clever, custom solution.

What was required:

The MFB needed a system that would accurately record and report on serious incidents. Tight control with no margin for error was a critical characteristic, as the information may be needed for inquests in the future.

The range of information that needs to be recorded is extreme e.g.

  • Maps
  • Appliances
  • Crews
  • Other agencies (Police, Ambulance, Port of Melbourne, CFA, etc)
  • Risk factors
  • Changes to the environment
  • And more

Importantly, all this disparate information needs to be recorded accurately and by multiple people.

Mintec’s solution:

A custom-built eIAP (electronic Incident Action Plan).  For a definition of Incident Action Plans, click here.

Many emergency government authorities generate IAPs to allow a thorough review of any incident.  Eight years ago many of these IAPs were paper based.  Mintec developed and trialed an electronic IAP.  Even though it was a trial, it was readily accepted in to production.  As the use of the system grew, it became desirable to redesign the system into a more robust design.  This allowed for the incorporation of a number of new features which were strongly desirable for the client.  

Most significant of these was Sync and Merge which allows edits that have occurred offline to be brought back into the main body of data.  This is important because emergency services work in areas where network connectivity can be unreliable.  

Technologies used:

Mintec developed a system using a SQL server backend.  This is fronted by a service which controls the delivery of data to any number of clients.  The service controls which client has the lock on any particular page and control the reintroduction of a page that has been edited. The service and database has had a full object model implementation to maintain the structure of eIAP documents.

The client has been redeveloped to incorporate a more flexible design.  This has been done with .NET version 4.0 using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and MVVM (Model View Veiwmodel).  This combination allows the separation of business logic from the display of objects.

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