Custom Call Centre Systems

Insurance Line


A call centre needed to cope with the recording of large volumes of information in response to TV advertising.

What was needed

The details of people calling in needed to be recorded quickly and accurately and a process put in place to ensure sales staff called the prospect back within a certain time. These procedures defined the marketing model of the company. Failure to meet these goals had serious implications for the performance of the organisation.

Mintec’s solution

We found that Insurance Line gained significant efficiencies through the custom software application we developed for them.  Mintec pulled several technologies together to achieve this.  To enhance the effectiveness of this solution there were several integration steps that were taken.  We integrated with the Genesys predictive dialing system to streamline the call taking and call return side of the business.  Genesys provides a number of very useful features for a call centre.  Mintec needed to load numbers up into the Genesys database and record the outcome of the calls.

There is also the need to send out significant information to clients.  This required an interface into a mailing system so that the correct information was sent to the correct customer.  This also meant that all of the details of the insurance policy had to be included for the options that were taken by that customer.

Technologies used

XML files to the Mail house.  Application Program Interface (API) to Genesys

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