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NuGenes offers artificial breeding services, in this case the focus was on fertilising cows. This required a representative to be at the farm 281 days prior to when the calves are due to be born to do the artificial insemination.  Not only that but they needed to visit the cows 7 times prior to the AI event and check on the cows several times afterwards.

What was required: 

NuGene needed to ensure that they had the relevant skilled people at the right farm on the right day and the right time (often 4 am).  The farms were scattered all over country Victoria.  This basically produced a scheduling problem and they had to find a scheduling application that would be flexible enough to cover these difficult conditions.

Mintec’s solution: 

After several sessions with the client analysing the issues, Mintec wrote a specification and quoted a fixed price to enable the client to quickly and easily assign resources to each client.  

The solution is a web-based calendar.  Each procedure for a client has a formula.  That formula has a number of visits and a number of skills that need to visit the farm over a set period of time.  Each staff member is assigned their set of skills.  When a client makes a booking through the office, the system will automatically assign each staff member that is available to those tasks.

The calendar view of the system allows there a string staff to quickly and easily see which tasks are under resourced and which staff are available.

When the resourcing staff confirm the bookings for the next day or two, the system will Email each staff member what their bookings are.  The system will also send a SMS to their mobile.  There is a built in acknowledgement system to ensure that staff have seen either the Email or the SMS.

Technologies used:

SQL  server , ASP.Net.  Integration with Email clients and third party Calendar controls.


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