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4 steps to achieving systems integration

Disconnected systems can cause a business a lot of pain.

Faced with a complete overhaul of your systems is intimidating. Change means taking tools that have been part of your business for a long time — and have grown and mutated with your business — and eliminating or starting over with them.

You may have even made an attempt at systems integration, only to find it was too difficult and unwieldy to implement. 

But can you afford not to do it? 

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Production Line System Failure — How to Protect Yourself

Here’s the thing: production lines are hugely complex and difficult to predict.

Even now, as technology has advanced and so much has become automated, there are still glitches and shutdowns.

And part of the problem is because the systems are automated — with process and system integration into production lines, so much more reliance is placed on the accuracy of the data. 

And while having all your information in one place is absolutely a positive, relying on inaccurate systems is going to drastically effect your business.

Last month, I talked about how to identify areas in your production line that were susceptible to failure. This month, I’ll be talking about how to prevent those failures from happening. 

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How to identify production line failures

To keep assembly lines running and to maintain product quality, manufacturing organisations rely heavily on systems hardware and software to minimise production line failure.

But even if production lines are the backbone of a business, they are still very susceptible to weaknesses — and issues are startlingly common.

What’s worse, most companies aren’t even aware of these weaknesses before they become fully-fledged system failures.

Symptoms of production line failure arise early and are often too easily dismissed as potential red flags. Some of these include:

  • Delays in getting information from one unit to the other;
  • Delays in getting orders into the production schedule; and
  • Delays in getting the completed orders delivered.

Whether it’s an untreated hardware or software issue, a potential security breach, or a delay in production — the warning signals are there.

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Regain control over your disconnected data

Critical information is likely stored across multiple systems in your organisation. All of your organisation systems - whether they’re paper based, electronic, or a tangible asset - contain valuable information for your operation. Disconnected data occurs in any instance where one or more of your systems operates in silo, preventing you having a coherent view of your organisation as a whole.

Inevitably, isolated systems become impediments to growth in your organisation. Tracking, analysing, and driving improvements is often impeded due to disconnected systems preventing you obtaining a complete view of your organisation.

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Improve productivity 1000 fold with bespoke software

Most business leaders will happily pay for a tailored suit because it’s built to fit their size, and is often more durable and long-lasting. Yet many don’t have the same attitude towards bespoke software systems. Unfortunately many organisations are unaware or unwilling to invest in a tailored software solution for their business, and their organisation’s productivity suffers for it.

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