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Regain control over your disconnected data

Critical information is likely stored across multiple systems in your organisation. All of your organisation systems - whether they’re paper based, electronic, or a tangible asset - contain valuable information for your operation. Disconnected data occurs in any instance where one or more of your systems operates in silo, preventing you having a coherent view of your organisation as a whole.

Inevitably, isolated systems become impediments to growth in your organisation. Tracking, analysing, and driving improvements is often impeded due to disconnected systems preventing you obtaining a complete view of your organisation.

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Don’t be overwhelmed by the Internet of Things

Simply put, the Internet of Things (IoT) is your fridge telling you that you’re running out of milk.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the IoT, particularly with all the implementation possibilities.

The IoT, which simply describes objects which have networking connectivity, presents never-ending possibilities to make data collection easier. However, with so many technological options available, analysis paralysis may occur, preventing you from taking any action!

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Off the Shelf vs Custom Built. What system is best for you?

As a business owner, deciding on which system you’ll implement across your organisation is critical for the future of your business.

Often, implementing the wrong system will cost you a bomb in training and add-ons. So, how can you be sure which system will meet your organisations requirements?

In this month’s blog we walk through the pros and cons of the different types of systems and how to identify the right system for you.

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How new technology can help your business generate opportunities

New technology can even make experts feel confused and incapable, and the fear of dealing with ‘new’ problems, new bugs, and data transfer, can be paralysing.

Unfortunately, this causes businesses to cling to their legacy systems because they’re uncertain of how a new system can perform, and how users will perform using it.

In this month’s blog, we go through the six steps you need to take to successfully integrate current systems with new technology.

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How implementing systems support can ensure you avoid a disaster in your business

This year’s census was an absolute disaster.

Census website failure

This image from shows what 15 million Australians experienced on August 9th when everyone flooded the Census website to complete the survey.

On August 9th, more than 15 million Australians were expected to flood the Census gates, but were treated with the surprise of the site crashing due to the high amount of traffic, some deliberate attacks and rumours that data had leaked. Not a great look for the ABS and Australian Government. 

So what can your business learn from this disaster?  Basically that systems can fail and when they do, it is dramatic.

Without proper maintenance of your bespoke systems, you too could be heading towards a similar disaster. If you had a failure, who would you turn to?  It takes time to find someone and for them to become familiar with your environment.

Being proactive, as opposed to reactive, is crucial if you want to mitigate the chances of a similar scenario panning out in your business.  

Over the years, I have seen too many businesses neglecting their bespoke systems which has compelled me to publish this blog.

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